Everyone has been asking how my diet is going and my answer is fine.  I feel fine, perhaps a little hungry but all in all it’s going well AND I have lost 3kgs!  So this is what I remind myself of when I feel like a latte or perhaps something sweet.

With a goal in mind and a set date it all seems doable but it is not until you really control what you eat that you realise how often you are “incidentally eating”.  The other night while making sinner I cut some extra carrot for my husband’s salad (I can’t have carrots L)  I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop myself eating a few every time I passed the chopping board.  The open packet of biscuits when we had friends around was even harder!

If you had to write down everything you ate each day and I mean everything, would this make you more conscious of what you ate?  Perhaps it’s worth giving it a try.

This afternoon I was working on some recipes or ideas for the summer edition of Nourish.  I had managed to stuff raspberries with vanilla mascarpone and then dip them in chocolate all without a nibble or lick of the spoon.  But just as I was feeling proud of myself I was taking some pictures and picked one up, the chocolate melting in my fingers, so I naturally popped it in my mouth.  As I liked my fingers to get every morsel of chocolate it dawned on me what I had done.  Damn!  If I was going to cheat I wanted to be conscious and in the moment and really enjoy the taste.

So I guess I am already thankful for this process in making me aware of how often I simply consume unappreciative calories.

Vicki is on Healthy Kitchens 9 week weightloss programme.  For more information about the programme go to www.healthykitchen.co.nz

The tempting little buggers.

The tempting little buggers.

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