1 cup of pumpkin
½ an onion finely diced
½ cup walnuts
½ cup mascarpone, crème fraiche or cream cheese
herbs (rosemary, thyme)
2 cloves garlic
olive oil
baby spinach
fettuccini or pasta of your choice

Dice pumpkin into small cubes, drizzle with olive oil herbs and salt and pepper. Roast until tender.

When the pumpkin is cooked bring a large pot of water to the boil and cook your pasta.

While the pasta is cooking saute onion, garlic and walnuts in a little olive oil. When onions are soft add on your mascarpone & baby spinach. Mix through cooked pumpkin & feta and finally the cooked pasta with a little of the cooking water.

Serve immediately.


  1. This was the perfect vegetarian pasta dish. Creamy, with soft pumpkin bites and little hits of tangy feta and walnut. I used creme friache and added in some parmesan – yum!

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