Mushroom Stroganoff w/ Buttered Rice

Recipe and images by Emma Galloway There’s something super comforting about creamy mushrooms but add buttered rice and you have yourself one seriously cozy dish. I used button mushrooms simply for the convenience, but feel free to mix things up and use a variety if you like! You’ll notice I don’t rinse the rice, with […]

Sushi with Me

Words Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Ashlee DeCaires There is something about sushi that pleases even the fussiest eater.  Make your own and you can both tailor it to individual tastes as well as save a lot of money.  The only fancy equipment you will need is a bamboo mat to help you roll the sushi tightly, […]


Recipe and images by Fiona Hugues I’m not going to string you some bucolic line here, so here it is, my name is Fiona and I detest cottage pie. “Whatever,” I can hear you tutt-tutting. Call me a snob, but my aversion is with valid reason. It’s stemmed from this – I’m a mother of […]

Fennel & Orange Roast Chicken

Recipe by Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images by Ashlee DeCaires Orange and fennel is one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations. For this recipe the citrus of the orange is perfect with chicken, while the fennel mellows out and becomes a wonderful accompaniment with the chicken. 1 large free-range chicken 2 tbsp fennel seeds 1 tsp salt […]

Oak’s Garlic & Parmesan Gnocchi

served with Roasted Butternut and a Burnt Butter and Sage Cream Sauce Recipe Shane Lowe, Images Ashlee DeCaires Shane Lowe, head chef and co-owner of Oak in Morrinsville, says this is “my go to recipe for making gnocchi”.  When Shane sent us this recipe in late autumn he said, “We currently have it on the […]

Harriet’s How To: Doughnuts

Words Harriet Boucher, Images Ashlee DeCaires Doughnuts are a weak point in my diet. I just can’t resist a fresh cinnamon sugar or jam and cream doughnut if I see one at a reputable establishment. That being said, you won’t catch me eating doughnuts that look like a unicorn has barfed all over them or […]


Recipe and images by Fiona Hugues We have a thing in my household at those pre at-home movie nights or post sports event times when ineveitably one of us will say in a slightly puzzled tone, “I feel like something else.” At that point it is an open floor to pipe up with sweet little […]


Recipe and images by Amber Bremner A sizzling roasting dish of caramelised wedges of buttercup pumpkin, fragrant with rosemary, orange, and chilli is far more exciting than it has any right to be. The orange helps create sticky, crunchy edges and crispy skin, making for moreish bites that are delicious dipped into a creamy, tangy […]

Confit Garlic

Words by Vicki Ravlich-Horan Images by Ashlee DeCaires Confit Garlic Confit simply means cooking in oil. Slowly cooking garlic in olive oil gives you beautiful soft garlic with a more subtle flavour than raw to use in cooking, spread on sandwiches, add to aioli and dressings and more. With New Zealand garlic back in season, […]

Let’s Get It Macaron

Recipe by Adelle from But First Dessert Images by Brydie Thompson Not to be confused with the French president or the very simple to make coconut-based biscuit, the macaron epitomises French pâtisserie. These deceitfully simple cookies take precision and patience to master and then they require a creative palate to turn them into a taste […]