Sushi with Me

Words Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images Ashlee DeCaires There is something about sushi that pleases even the fussiest eater.  Make your own and you can both tailor it to individual tastes as well as save a lot of money.  The only fancy equipment you will need is a bamboo mat to help you roll the sushi tightly, […]

Fennel & Orange Roast Chicken

Recipe by Vicki Ravlich-Horan, Images by Ashlee DeCaires Orange and fennel is one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations. For this recipe the citrus of the orange is perfect with chicken, while the fennel mellows out and becomes a wonderful accompaniment with the chicken. 1 large free-range chicken 2 tbsp fennel seeds 1 tsp salt […]

Oak’s Garlic & Parmesan Gnocchi

served with Roasted Butternut and a Burnt Butter and Sage Cream Sauce Recipe Shane Lowe, Images Ashlee DeCaires Shane Lowe, head chef and co-owner of Oak in Morrinsville, says this is “my go to recipe for making gnocchi”.  When Shane sent us this recipe in late autumn he said, “We currently have it on the […]

Confit Garlic

Words by Vicki Ravlich-Horan Images by Ashlee DeCaires Confit Garlic Confit simply means cooking in oil. Slowly cooking garlic in olive oil gives you beautiful soft garlic with a more subtle flavour than raw to use in cooking, spread on sandwiches, add to aioli and dressings and more. With New Zealand garlic back in season, […]

Roasted Beetroot Salad with Mustard Caper Dressing

  Recipe and images by Emma Galloway Fresh beetroot is an often overlooked vegetable which intimidates many, and while I love a slice of good ol’ tinned beetroot as much as the next person, there’s something truly magical about growing or buying whole beetroot and preparing them yourself. Whether that means grating and eating raw, […]

Oh Onions!

The sight of onions floating down the streets of Pukekohe last summer was enough to make you cry.  The backbone of so many dishes, onions are loved the world over but seldom as the hero. Sure, the French have their soup, but I say the way for everyone to celebrate the lovely layers of an […]


Recipe and images by Amber Bremner Stuffed vegetables may not be at the cutting edge of modern cuisine, but I still love them for their homely vibes and let’s face it, they make a stunning centrepiece when you feel like making an effort. This buttercup is stuffed with a tasty mixture of wild rice, chunks […]

Pack a Picnic

Words Harriet Boucher, Images Brydie Thompson There’s nothing quite like an autumn day with clear blue skies, gorgeous colours on the trees, and the sun streaming down. It’s the perfect time to grab a basket, a blanket, and a few drinks and find the perfect spot to enjoy these recipes. The trick to packing the […]

Easter Pie

Words and images by Kathy Paterson The brief to myself was to make a rustic pie that is a very loose play on the Italian Torta Pasqualina (an enclosed pastry pie using spinach and eggs). After many tests and neighbours’ approval, this one came out on top. Serves 6 Pastry 250g plain flour 150g cold […]

Cucumber on Smoked Fish Cream

Words and image Fiona Hugues This is my version of a dish that Vicki and I ate on the last day of our recent trip to Adelaide. Super simple and tasty on a hot summer’s day, cool cucumbers nestled on creamy glamorised store-bought taramasalata, sprinkled with a little spicy shichimi togarashi on top (or sometimes […]