Locals Guide to Hamilton Central

Ask a local! It’s the best travel advice I can think of, so why not apply it to our home patch too? We asked a variety of people who work in Hamilton Central to give us their favourite places to eat, drink and hang out. Coffee We started with coffee. Where is their favourite spot […]

Opito Bay Salt

Salt has been a vital part of human civilization throughout history, valued as a means of preserving food and enhancing flavour. Like wine, it has long been associated with a sense of place. Solnitsata, the oldest known town in Europe, was built around a salt producing facility. The port of Liverpool grew from a sleepy […]

Take Two

 It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this could not be truer for a job Treetown Kitchens just completed for Sue Hodgson in Maungatautari. We’re standing in Sue’s brand-new kitchen, an almost exact replica of the kitchen Treetown Kitchens created for Sue 15 years ago. “We work with a lot of […]

Grand Central

This is such a brilliant idea. You take three women with magpie-like tendencies for finding lovely objects, and the confidence and design skills to turn someone’s chuck-outs into 21st century treasures. You put them together in a store in Cambridge and create a showcase for their handpicked French, English and New Zealand homewares. This is […]

Coffee Conversation

If, as café customers, we’ve learnt one thing post Covid, it’s patience. The hospitality industry has been hit hard by a pandemic of staff shortages. Most have signs on their doors advertising for baristas, chefs or wait persons. The government-imposed hoops to jump made acquiring permanent staff from overseas arduous and time consuming. Many of […]

Waste Not

Food waste is a huge problem! The problem does not lie in the sheer waste – and the many layers in which waste happens when food doesn’t end up getting eaten (like the waste of resources to grow, store and transport food; the waste of money spent to buy it). The real problem lies in […]

It’s Not PR But the 3Rs

Plastic, it’s literally everywhere! It’s wrapped around our food, it’s in our clothing, our carpets, and now it’s on our oceans and our food chain. The invention of plastic in the early 1900s was an environmental breakthrough, replacing the unstainable use of animal and wood products like ivory and tortoiseshell. By the 1960s plastic had […]

Flavours a Plenty in Local Challenge

This autumn, local eateries were challenged to create a winning dish inspired by beautiful local Bay of Plenty produce. Twelve eateries from around the region took up the Plates of Plenty Challenge, receiving a box containing local mushrooms from Fat Guy Fungi, El Jefe Meats sausages, Small Batch chocolate hazelnut butter, Ohiwa Black Diamonds truffle […]

The Sweet Success of Ambrosia

At a young age, Kris Beehre was told not to play with his food, but now “that’s what I do for a living”, he says, laughing, as we talk about the rich history of his Ambrosia Restaurant and Bar. Ambrosia sits among the hustle and bustle of Eat Street in Rotorua. You wouldn’t know it, […]