If you have ever been to Bracu at the Simunovich Olive Estate you will know the food is a work of art!  On a recent visit there the Nourish team were treated to a demo from Head Chef Mikey Newlands of his popular Snickers bar.  This delicious yet intricate dish is a true treat and we managed to get the menu for you.  But be warned, this is up there with a Master Chef challenge!  If you do make it we would love you to send us a picture of your end dish.


Mikey’s notes:
Normally, at Bracu, we make this in two 33 x 22-centimetre stainless steel bottomless moulds, which makes 32 portions. I have scaled this back to make eight portions; it’s kept frozen, so you can use the rest for another time. It’s made in five parts, plus garnishes, which I will detail at the end. It’s best to make one after the other as there are cooling, freezing times to take into account

Peanut Shortbread
¼ cup peanut butter
¼ cup Butter
¾ cup ground almond
½ cup sugar Icing
¾ cup flour
20 ml cream

Cream the butter and peanut butter until very smooth and creamy.
Add the mixed dry ingredients in batches of three; bind with a little cream. Divide in half and chill until needed. Break it apart with your hands and place in a food processor. Pulse gently to break it up and then push into the mould.
Freeze to rest.
Bake for approximately 15 minutes at 155 °C.
Remove from the oven when you have a light golden-brown colour. Rest at room temperature, then freeze in the mould.

Salted Caramel
165 ml cream
900 g glucose (liquid)
750 g castor sugar
20 g milk chocolate
Pinch of salt
¼ tsp vanilla
45 g butter

Warm the cream in the microwave until hot. Add water to a pan with glucose and sugar, bring to the boil and leave to cook until a dark caramel. Remove from the heat and with a long whisk, carefully stir in the cream a little at a time until incorporated.
Allow the caramel to cool on the bench slightly and then whisk in the chocolate and the salt. Allow to cool to around 60 °C and then whisk in the butter. Immediately spread the mix into the Snickers mould evenly. Refreeze.

Chocolate /Peanut Crisp
170 g chocolate milk
28 g chocolate 70%
16 g butter
100 g peanut butter
50 g feuillantine (A pastry ingredient, essentially small broken pieces of sweet biscuit used to add texture – lightly broken-up cornflakes are a good substitute.)

Combine the chocolates and butter in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and heat gently to melt.
Allow to cool slightly and beat in the peanut butter until smooth. Fold through the feuillantine and spread on top of the salted caramel. Smooth off and refreeze.
Chocolate / Peanut Mousse
240 ml cream
168 g chocolate 70%
100 g peanut butter (smooth)
4x eggs
40 g sugar
60 g peanuts

Roast the peanuts until a dark brown and chop roughly. Lightly whip the cream.
Melt the chocolate with the peanut butter and stir to combine.
Place the eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl and place over a pan of simmering water. Gently stir the egg/sugar mix until hot, avoiding the egg cooking to the bottom. Whisk the mix on high speed in a standing mixer to a firm sabayon. Fold the sabayon into the chocolate mix a third at a time; you will have to beat the first two additions in as it’s quite stiff. Fold through the whipped cream and the then chopped peanuts.
Smooth on top of the chocolate crisp mix in the moulds and freeze to set.

Caramel Glaze
7 g salt
31 g water
21 g corn flour
370 g castor sugar
310 g cream
5 sheets of leaf gelatine

Combine the salt, water and corn starch until you make a smooth slurry. Soak the gelatine in ice cold water until soft, remove and squeeze out the excess water.
Warm the cream in the microwave until hot to the touch. Add to a heavy pan, the sugar, and roughly a quarter of its weight in water. Set on a high heat and boil until you have a deep, dark caramel, approximately 170 °C. Remove from the heat and with a long handled whisk, stir in the hot cream. It will spit, so be careful. When combined and smooth, return to the heat and add the corn flour slurry.
Bring back to the boil and cook out the corn flour for approximately one minute. The caramel should visibly thicken.
Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Stir through the gelatine sheets until smooth and pass through a fine sieve. Cool slightly for use, or refrigerate until required.

Remove the Snickers from the freezer and cut down the sides to remove the mould.
Slice width-ways into eight rectangles, roughly in a chocolate bar shape. Set over a wire rack and baking tray, and glaze with the caramel glaze. Change baking trays and freeze slightly to set the glaze. Glaze a second time and rest in the refrigerator for one hour.
The Snickers is now complete and ready to garnish. It can be served as is or here is what we use at Bracu:

• Melted dark chocolate to pipe over the top
• Cookie crumbs
• Chocolate Sorbet
• Gold leaf
• Caramelised peanut – you can buy these or make your own
• Vanilla custard
• Make extra chocolate mousse and use as a garnish.

Bracu Snickers Bar (534x800)




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