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There’s nothing more energising than being around people who exude the energy of endless possibilities! These kinds of people are needed in our lives if we wish to see what is achievable. But if we surround ourselves with people who believe in the harshness of life we are drained of energy and vitality. The choice is really up to us – do we want to reach the stars or do we want to stay on the ground constantly looking up, wishing we were among them? A strong, positive, resilient attitude will help elevate you to successful heights.

What is attitude? It is the mental position you take about your life. It’s about how you think which translates into how you act and for this reason it drives the formation of every event in your life.  Your attitudes will determine your enjoyment of life or your disappointment in how things have turned out.

I believe that attitude is everything and that it determines your success. A positive attitude is not about faking a happy face and a bright disposition. It is a positive way of responding to daily life. It gives you the power to be able to make a difference in your life and the people around you.  When you can see things in a positive light, you not only lift your own pleasure and satisfaction but you can influence other people’s attitudes and reactions as well.

Each day, your attitude is challenged by people and by external factors. How will you react? Will you let your attitude stop you from moving forward? Will you let it ruin your day, make you angry, or influence you to give up on your dreams?

Attitude is a choice. We will always encounter challenging situations and people, however we have the ability to decide how to react and what our attitude will be.  We can either react with anger, bitterness and frustration or we can stop, be self-aware, take a breath and choose to react in a more positive way and move forward. It’s your choice….

Sue Kohn-Taylor

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  1. Hi Sue, Saw your article in Nourish mag. and thought I’d give it a go. Although I suspect I need a sports psychologist!

    Thanks, Shirley

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