Last month we ran a competition to find a guest correspondent from our Nourish readers to cover the Katikati Avocado Festival.  Amanda Gardner won and here is her story.

Holy Guacamole! This year’s Katikati Avocado Festival had all the ingredients needed for success: a gorgeous day, celebrity avocado “ambassador” & Master Chef winner Nadia Lim whipping up delicious recipes, chilled out live music, plenty of shady tables & of course truckloads of avocados!

As soon as we were through the gates, we came across free avocado ice-cream samples from Just Avocado. If you haven’t tried this odd-sounding concoction before, it’s definitely worth a go. I’ve never had a creamier ice-cream!

The festival is run by the local Lions Club, and they were hard at work selling delicious lamb rolls & showing everyone that legendary Lions hospitality. But that wasn’t the only delicacy on offer. Curry, gourmet sliders, sushi, BLATs, crepes, seafood, cheese……the list goes on! Along with plenty to wash it all down, such as wines from Hihi, Celestial & Hilltop vineyards, cider & beer. The strangest thing we came across? Definitely the “bunny burger” from the wild food truck! The curry & samosas were served with a scummy avocado yoghurt raita, and the crispy bacon in the BLATs was a perfect foil for the perfectly ripe, creamy avocado. In fact, everything came with avocado in some form or other. The only thing missing was a Mexican food truck. In my mind, avocado in a ceviche or guacamole is hard to beat.

The annual guacamole making competition gave punters the chance to test out their skills. In the end, the winning formula was a very simple recipe, letting the avocado flavour shine through. Nadia Lim was cooking up a storm next door, creating a modern twist on the classic prawn & avocado cocktail when I saw her.

All in all, a great day out! After enjoying several feijoa wines & tapping our feet along to some cruisy tunes, all that remained was to buy a big bag of avo’s to take home & rustle up some avocado recipes of my own!


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